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Student Feedback


"Thank you again for such a lovely time yesterday. I had a lot of fun cooking with you as per last time! So did Srihari, he has nevered cooked before yesterday (well not proper food anyway - Maggi mee and fast pasta etc not counted!) and had reservations before the class but I told him you are very relaxed and easy going. He really enjoyed himself and has expressed interest in doing more classes." Li-Hsian


"I've been cooking from your recipes and everyone likes them very much! Compliments to you! Worth every ringgit spent going to your classes! I’ve learned a lot but I think the one person who appreciates it most is my husband!" Nik


"I had a really good time baking the biscotti today. Really appreciate the unique cooking class at your beautiful mansion. I must admit I fell in love with your place the minute I saw it. Looking forward to cooking in your fantastic kitchen again!" Ann


"I truly enjoyed the class today and so did my partner!! We would love it if you could update us once you have the next class schedule....the high feeling I get from baking is equivalent to my shopping trips!! Ha, ha ...." Riza


"If you have been looking for someone to teach you how to cook, look no further. I feel so fortunate to have found such a caring, generous and helpful person in Rohani. You see, I was a totally hopeless cook and a bit of a flake, but she made cooking seem so easy that I actually looked forward to coming to her kitchen every single day. After the 6 day course, I came out contended and very reluctant to leave her and her comfortable home. Going there was like being on a special holiday!" Shereen


"When I first wanted to join your cooking course, I was a bit apprehensive - mainly because being an 'amateur' at cooking I was worried if my fellow course mates would find me a blithering idiot. 
However, I was comforted by the fact that my fellow student Shereen shared the same anxieties, so we bonded instantly. And with your warm disposition and cool head, we actually began to enjoy our lessons from Day 1!
Our work space was absolutely fabulous - a spacious user-friendly kitchen and a nice patio for our al-fresco dining with lush greenery all around us. It just felt so serene, almost therapeutic.
And not only did we learn to cook, we also learnt how to use basic kitchen utensils, such as the proper way to use a knife – and how to keep it sharp. I found the market visit where we learnt to choose fish, meat and vegetables really helpful!
Both of us were sad to leave on the last day, but Rohani, we find you rather 'addictive' - we are already planning to take Intensive Level 2!" Nora


I had a great time at the Festive Vegetarian class. It was amazing to find out what I can achieve in the kitchen with your guidance. I went home feeling like a domestic goddess :-)). Not even in my dreams, would I have attempted the recipes that you had put together for us for the vegetarian class. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills with us. Bawani

Thank you for the wonderful experience in the Supermarket Sweep. The visit to the Village Grocer was most interesting and I also enjoyed the cooking session afterwards. I was particularly impressed that we could cook a delicious lunch, a complete menu, with your guidance and help. Thanks, Rohani. Siew Kin


Thank you for a most enjoyable day in the most enchanting surroundings! Judging by the time we all spent there, no one was in a hurry to leave! I am looking forward to many exciting lessons in the future. I have already made the Nasi Kerabu and the Ayam Percik and they went down a real treat! Abha

I have been meaning to write to thank you for the Intensive Class for a while. The lessons had truly started the ball rolling for me. I have tried many of the recipes at home with pretty good success. Your detailed recipes and instructions have been really helpful for a beginner like me. Last week I dished out an impressive and tasty Indian fish curry when before this, all tasty curries in this home were store-bought!

In between, I had done the Japanese menu, some noodles dishes, chicken rice, Indonesian fried chicken and many others. My new found confidence has also encouraged me to try new recipes from other sources and since then, being in the kitchen has become something that I enjoy instead of dread. Friends are already angling for a dinner invitation, and I might just do it, for the very first time, without any restaurant catered food. Thanks very much for starting me off. Lynn

Just wanted to thank you for starting my culinary journey (or helping me rediscover it)… I had not cooked or baked for a long time (since Home Science days!) before I joined your classes. The success I enjoyed at the workshops gave me more confidence to cook and bake at home. Your tips and guidance are always genuine and frank. I’m proud to say that I now bake all the birthday cakes for the family, and can actually entertain up to 70 guests for Chinese New Year without the use of a caterer! I am known among my circle of friends for cooking up great food and fantastic cakes and desserts! So a big ‘thank-you’ to you! Just thought I would let you know that you’ve helped someone unleash her cooking skills! Hope to be back in your kitchen again soon! Elicia