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BBQ Party

Time 03:30PM to 07:30PM, RM 360 per person

A barbecue party is a great way to entertain its fun, casual and simple to put together. This class offers a broad range of interesting recipes for marinades, salads and breads. (Kindly note that this is an evening class.)


         Prawns with garlic and herb butter                           

         Tandoori chicken (served with homemade naan)

         Ginger honey chicken

         Lamb with basil/garlic marinade

         Chicken (or beef) satay with peanut sauce

         Chicken or Beef Fajitas (with homemade wheat tortillas)

         Baked potatoes and sweet potatoes

         Potato salad, green salad, tomato salad, mango salsa

         Grilled vegetables


Students working in pairs will make 3 items and several accompaniments (breads and salads). Kindly indicate choice at time of booking.


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