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Chinese Festivities
Time 09:30AM to 02:30PM, RM 350 per person


Isn't it annoying the exorbitant prices restaurants charge for a Chinese New Year or festive season dinner, just because they can? So here is a chance to learn how to conjure up healthy, delicious, traditional Chinese festive dinners for your own family and friends and skip the crowded expensive restaurants. And you can also recreate the same yummy dishes for other festive dining occasions!


  • Yee Sang (raw salmon dish with traditional Chinese garnishes, to bring Good Luck to the family)
  • Pak Chik Kai (tender free range chicken with 2 dips: ginger & spring onion and fresh chilli sauce)
  • Lo Hon Chai (traditional Chinese vegetarian dish to honor ancestors)
  • Lotus root soup (with dried cuttlefish, red dates, peanuts and various Chinese herbs)
  • Golden Fortune King Prawns (prawns fried in golden batter served with plum sauce)
  • Tong Yuen (traditional Chinese lucky dessert of naturally-coloured rice balls in ginger syrup. Balls are filled with black sesame and crushed peanuts)


Students working in small groups make all of the dishes above. Please note that students are expected to be familiar with cooking as this is definitely not a class for beginners.

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