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Deepavali Highlights
Time 09:30AM to 01:30PM, RM 360 per person


Deepavali is the Festival of Light, an annual celebration of friends, family and food. There are so many dishes which one can conjure up for such an occasion and based on suggestions from good friends of Bayan Indah, the following are what we will be teaching for this year's class:



  • Murukku (Crisp savoury snacks) or Vadai


  • Thosai (Rice pancakes)

  • Rice pilaf

  • Sambar (Lentil & vegetable curry)

  • Accompanying chutneys (Basic coconut chutney; plus variations required for mint and tomato chutnies)

  • Mutton (or chicken) varuval (Spicy dry curry)

  • Rassam


  • Keseri (Semolina pudding with saffron)

  • Carrot Halva (carrot and raisin sweetmeat)

Demo recipe:

  • Idli (steamed rice dumplings)

Students working in small groups make either the muruku or vadai, all the main meal items and one dessert. (Kindly indicate your choice of muruku or vadai as well as dessert at time of booking).


The making of the Idli will be demonstrated by our special guest cook, Puan Sri Vijayalakshmi Rama Iyer.

At this session, you can also enjoy a special saree typing demo (and spicy saree stories) by Rakesh, a well known personality amongst Indian brides and beauties all over Malaysia. His creative saree tying skills and scintillating personality make him a much sought after service provider for weddings, important community functions and even Bollywood film sets.