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Hari Raya Festive Classics
Time 09:30AM to 01:30PM, RM 360 per person


Festivals like Hari Raya always bring back good memories that revolve around our favourite food enjoyed with close friends and family. Remember those comfort foods - dishes, delicacies, kuih and biskut - that you used to enjoy so much back home in the kampung or at your mum's/grandma's place?

We asked some of our discerning Facebook fans for suggestions and they served up so many delicious ideas. Using these ideas, we have designed a menu that we hope evokes the nostalgia and romance of Raya. Come for this class and learn how you can surprise everyone this Hari Raya with a sumptious homecooked feast or an open house spread!

Due to popular demand, we have also engaged an old kampung lady expert to do demos of ketupat case weaving (we will do a simpler version ourselves for the class) and to show us the finer points of making lemang.


Cakes/Cookies (Kuihs)

  • Kuih bangkit (little, light-as-air cookies made with tapioca flour and coconut milk)
  • Kuih siput (crispy savoury nibbles flavoured with onion and curry leaves)


  • Rendang Tok (a rich, dark rendang from the Northern state of Perak, flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon and lemon grass)
  • Masak Lodeh (vegetables, tofu & glass noodles in light coconut broth)
  • Kuah kacang ayam (Chicken in a crushed peanut gravy)
  • Ketupat palas (triangular sticky rice parcels wrapped in palm leaves)

 Little Cooking Demonstrations

  • Lemang-making (sticky rice cooked in bamboo over an open fire)
  • Kampung Ketupat weaving (rice cooked in specially-woven coconut leaf parcels)

Students working in small groups make 1 of the kuihs and 3 of the main dishes above. Please indicate your choices when booking.