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Homestyle Malay

Time 09:30AM to 01:30PM, RM 300 per person

Simple, delicious, homestyle Malay favourites you will cook again and again....

- Masak lemak jantung pisang (banana flower cooked in coconut milk)
- Masak lemak pucuk ubi ikan kering (tapioca shoots cooked with coconut milk & salt fish bones)
- Masak kicap ayam (Malay style chicken cooked in dark soy sauce)
- Sambal belacan dengan ulam (chilli and shrimp paste dipping sauce with salad platter)
- Ikan bakar (grilled fish)
- Kuih kosui (palm sugar rice cakes rolled in fresh coconut)

Students working in pairs make 4 recipes. Kindly indicate choice at time of booking.


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