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Malaysian Fare

Time 09:30AM to 01:30PM, RM 300 per person

Malaysia is a blend of several ethnic races, co-existing culturally, merging and creating new flavours together continuously - this is the reason why Malaysian food can never be boring. This special and fun cooking class is where you will learn how to make perennial local favourites complemented by a delicious Malay dessert. This is simply a great meal for entertaining family and friends. Please note that all the ingredients are provided and prepared in advance - all you have to do is enjoy cooking it yourself under our guidance.


On the menu are the following courses:

Penang-style fried kway teow
Flat rice noodles from Penang - authentic and utterly delicious

Roti Jala
Malay lace pancakes - traditionally served with curries

Kari Ayam
An Indian-influenced chicken curry - a national favourite


Prawn & Pineapple Yellow Curry
A creamy traditional village dish - bright with wonderful flavours


Seasonal Stir-fried vegetables with selected garnish
Seasonal vegetables, flash cooked to retain flavour and goodness, garnished with meats or seafood as appropriate


Kuih Bakar
A pandan-flavoured Malay baked dessert - rich and fragrant