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Nyonya Classics

Time 09:30AM to 01:30PM, RM 300 per person


In some ways, this is the original Asian "fusion" style of cooking as it was invented in Malaysia by immigrants using local herbs and ingredients. Find out how to make interesting dishes adapted by creative Chinese women over the ages as they blended into life in Malaya.


  • Inchi Kabin (Nyonya fried chicken)
  • Gerang Asam (Nyonya-style sour fish curry)
  • Ayam Pongteh (Nyonya chicken stew)
  • Kerabu Timun & Nenas (pineapple and cucumber salad)
  • Stir-fried four-angle beans with prawns and chilli paste
  • Kuih ang-koo (little glutinous rice cakes filled with mung bean paste)

Students working in pairs will make 3 dishes. Please indicate choice at time of booking.

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