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Tasting Good (diabetic-friendly)
Time 09:30AM to 01:30PM, RM 300 per person


This class introduces a specially-designed and very tasty menu which looks at the special needs of people with, or having a tendency towards, diabetes, or for people who want a healthier lifestyle without compromising their palate!


For this menu, we have carefully eliminated as many simple carbohydrates as possible, introduced lots of fibre, complex carbs and proteins, and wherever possible, eliminated dishes with excessive animal fats while keeping everything as tasty as possible.

  • Chickpea & salmon patties served with avocado salsa

  • Chunky vegetable soup (Minestrone)

  • Wholemeal cheese & herb scones (to serve with soup)

  • Herb-infused roast chicken served with roast vegetables and tossed green salad

  • Apple Crumble with Whole Rolled Oats & Walnut Topping (served with homemade Vanilla Cream Sauce) 

Students working in pairs or small groups make all of the dishes above.